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I have been testing out the 24 Karat system out on my own and although I have not actually wagered any of my own monies at a casino, I have on paper tested out the entire Zumma-1,000 shoes book and about 200 shoes that I hand dealt myself and recorded for my own records. Hear are my results of all my testing. You were correct when you stated that it beat the Zumma-1,000 book as my results confirm this. My results differ a bit from the tester system you but together and I found many results that differ from shoe to shoe from your tester program and my own results. The bottom line is after I tested all 1,000 shoes the end result of total amount won was extremely close to your results and hardly enough to even worry about.

My conclusion is that I think I am following the the correct play formula so in doing so I am WINNING consistently over the long haul.This makes me very happy and assured that the 24 Karat system has thus far worked out exactly as you stated. My results at the $5.00 starting level of wagering returned me an average of $5.94/hr win rate. Multiply this by 10 and I can assume I could average about $60.00/hr.

I myself want to continue to test out my other shoes for my own satisfaction before I actually use it with my money on the line. I can say with all honesty and my best ability to be accurate while testing that every statement about the systems ability to win has so far been confirmed by my own testing.

This is not what I expected. I fully expected to purchase an idea or method of gambling that had eluded me and find a way to improve it and refine it. Instead I have found a way of placing bets that is already complete and needs no more reinventing. Thank you for sharing it with me.

I will send you a final testimony when I have completed my testing to my satisfaction. I have been testing it for about 3 months now. Slowly but surely each week I get a few more shoes tested. It may take me another 3 or 4 months to finish my testing and I will send you my results. Thanks for sharing it with me as for over 10 years a hobby of mine has been working on gambling and methods of betting to come out ahead. The 24 Karat system out performs any of the other systems I have developed myself.

RW Bishop

Thanks for all your professional help you have been giving me on your system. Not having been in a casino before I found it very scary and felt intimidated.

When I was practicing with the system and had questions to ask,
you answered in 24 hrs. I am now reeking the rewards of perseverance. The more I do it the more at home I feel.

It really is a jewel

Thanks again

V. Draper

While the system performed as stated in your testimonial on the Zumma shoes, I was disappointed to find that the system only bet a small percentage of hands in the shoe. It is widely understood that any testing performed on the Zumma shoes is statistically inconclusive unless you are betting on almost every hand in each shoe. Given the infrequence of the betting, the fact that your system works on the Zumma shoes is not statistical proof of anything, and as such I disregarded your system.


S. Recchia

I've downloaded your Baccarat System Tester Software and it works perfectly. It's a sophisticated program but it's actually very easy to use. The HELP screen explains how to use all of the features and
makes it easy. The PRACTICE screen makes learning the drawing rules of Baccarat fun. I played a shoe in under 10 minutes and I only made one mistake.

Now that I've seen proof that your 24 Karat Baccarat System beats both Zumma tester books and my own Baccarat shoes, I'm ready to buy it!

Thank you !


As per your request, here is my testimonial: I have tested manually more than 50 shoes at random from the Zumma books, and my results coincide with yours. I have played only around 15 shoes, and I have not had any losses yet. I will update you by the end of the year, hopefully with good news.


R. Young

Lorenzo, I wanted to let you know that the tester is excellent, and
it does everything you said it would. I can now test shoes with
instant results. I am amazed by the graphics and how easy it is
to use. You have an excellent product, that was long overdue
for Baccarat.




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