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This is the Main Screen for 24 Karat Baccarat. From here you will be able to see the results of all the Zumma Shoes, our Shoes, Generated Shoes AND YOUR OWN SHOES. See as much as you want or simply concentrate in the most important things: Units and Money. This is the only system that actually takes into consideration the Casinos' commission, the vig, so you have a realistic view of how much you are going to make!
This is the LIST VIE. Use it to see the shoes in a list, so you can follow profits over time, maximum draw downs, etc..
This is the Practice Section. Here you can learn and practice the Rules of Baccarat, including a realistic score board. You can see or hide the rules for practicing. Also, the program will correct you if you make a mistake when playing, and it will tell where and why you made the mistake--an invaluable tool for the serious player.