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How would you like to test a system before you buy it?

Would that be fair to you?

Would you believe such a thing is possible?

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I have programmed and tested virtually all systems available for the game, including one that cost me $5,000. None of them worked! Why? Basically, all systems are based on some kind of pattern. For example: if you see two Players in a row, play Player or the opposite.
This kind of pattern system will never work. It's guessing the immediate future. Having two Players together does not make it more probable to have a third Player or an opposite Banker.
Indeed, any game in the Casino is almost impossible to beat, with two notable exceptions: Blackjack and Baccarat!
It is well known that Blackjack can be overcome by "counting" techniques, which are illegal in almost every Casino. However, Baccarat is immune to "counting."
For instance, in Blackjack, the theory is to bet more money when the odds are in your favor and less when they're not. Baccarats' inherent speed, and other factors confirmed in recent studies, prove that this "counting" technique would be, at best, very, very difficult to use successfully.
The truth is that the only reason why both games can be beaten is because they are part of a "Closed Universe." Why is it a "Closed Universe?" Because Blackjack and especially Baccarat are played with a fixed and limited number of cards and decks.
When you play Roulette or Craps, for example, you are inside an "Open Universe," one with no beginning or end, so it is really impossible to make any successful predictions at all, it's pure chance, and that benefits only the Casinos; period, final, end of conversation!
Blackjack and Baccarat, on the other hand, are "Closed Universes," which is why Baccarat can be overcome!! I know, I did it!!
When I considered solving the problem of how to win at Baccarat, I wasn't even thinking about creating my own system. I started by creating a software program to "test" all other systems.
To my surprise -- at that time, I was still a believer -- no system could beat any of the two Zumma books, much less both books at the same time.
After working with other peoples' systems for about 6 months--including the $5,000 one!--I realized that I was heading in the wrong direction.
----------------------- My next step was to develop my own system!! --------------------------

One day in Vegas, I was programming in my hotel room at The Golden Nugget, it was 6 AM. I could not sleep, I had something buzzing, ringing, trying to be born in my brain. Then it hit! I had an idea! A paradigm shift! An epiphany! A vision!!

I programmed one "Tester," based on that vision, and the results were very promising, I knew I was on the right track. I took a chance, went to Las Vegas. The result: $30,000.00 in three weeks!! YESS!! Now to make it perfect!
To make a long story short, I spent many more months playing and developing a program, off and on, until it occurred to me to combine two principles I had tried before in different systems. Voila! This system won in both Zumma books, plus in the shoes that I had already played!
This was a labor of blood and guts, a labor of love and stubbornness. I knew it could be done, I didn't give up. I needed different answers, so I asked different questions and I beat it, on my own terms!
The life of a gambler is not without work, but this work pays huge dividends, and I have done the hardest work for you! Work smarter, not harder! I love that saying. And the work environment: Las Vegas, Reno, Lake Tahoe, Atlantic City, Casinos, fast cars, beautiful women, great food and entertainment! You want the map? I got it, Baby! Come and get it!!!


Again, 24 KARAT BACCARAT is the only system to beat both Zumma books.

Variety is the spice of life. You have lived the average and ordinary life, now it's time for the wonderful and exciting! You can have the only weapon in your arsenal that will kill the average and ordinary beast: 24 Karat Baccarat!
I will only sell the complete system to players who first purchase the "Tester," (it is a contract clause that no casino-related person may buy the system), and, after testing their own shoes, are happy with the results.

When you have the "Tester," you will be able to evaluate your level of risk by testing your own shoes, (very easy), and watching the results, ups and drawdowns, shoe by shoe.
In any event, you can get the "Tester" program very cheap, only $49.97, and test the system WITH BOTH ZUMMA BOOKS, which are already included, along with my own Casino-Played-Shoes, AND ALL YOUR OWN SHOES, before you buy the system.

BONUS! BONUS!! BONUS!!! The"Tester" program now has a Baccarat Practice Module, to help you learn Baccarat by practicing the rules in a graphical environment. It corrects you when you make a mistake, so you can't lose! Even if you decide not to buy the 24 Karat Baccarat system, you're a winner!
When you buy the "Tester," you will receive a unique ID number, necessary to purchase the 24 Karat Baccarat System.

My guarantee is solid and simple: If you find a discrepancy of more than 3%, plus or minus, in the units produced by the 24 Karat Baccarat System, in either of the Zumma books, or my own Casino-Played-Shoes, I will happily refund your money. There are no refunds for the "Tester" program, since it has its own value, apart from testing the 24 Karat Baccarat System: (Learn by Practicing the Rules of Baccarat.)

My company was established in 1990, and we are a respected member of the business community, you can have the utmost confidence in purchasing 24 Karat Baccarat from us.

Remember, you have to tell me that the "Tester" works for you, before you can buy the 24 Karat Baccarat System. (This is why you want the "Tester" program in the first place, to test any possible combnation of shoes.) I guarantee my claims of beating both Zumma books and my own Casino-Played-Shoes are rock-solid and accurate, never exceeding more than a plus or minus 3% variance.
The proven and consistent profits are: 3.03 units average per Shoe in the Zumma 600 book, 2.31 units average per Shoe in the Zumma 1000 book, 3.55 units average in 100 Generated Shoes and 4.98 units average per Shoe in my own personal 244 Casino-Played-Shoes!

The proof is in the pudding, my friends, the system works best in real life! In a real Casino! With real money coming to you!

Now I have developed a new variation that I call 24 KARAT BACCARAT PLUS. All of my previous customers will get for FREE a copy of the new system as I promised that if I ever find a better system I will share it for FREE with my previous customers.

I am retired from gambling that life is not for me but with the 24 KARAT BACCARAT PLUS system,I will be able to enjoy an occasional visit to the casinos and ripe all the "goodies" reserved to the big players, you know "comps", rooms, shows and good meals.

Additionally, 24 KARAT BACCARAT PLUS is the ideal system for those who like lots of action at the table and to make a fast buck. You can make more than $500 per shoe with ease. As a matter of fact, you will be making $500+ per shoe most of the time. Both systems are included in the Manual.

Let me be very clear on this; Have you seen any other Baccarat system that proves it can beat both Zumma books? Do you know why not?. The reason is because NO SYSTEM EXCEPT 24 KARAT BACCARAT beats both Zumma books. Period!